Pray for the families and children of Gaza suffering as a result of the war. Many would like to celebrate Ramadan and find themselves unable to break the fast because they lack food—“We have been practically fasting for months.” (NYT). We pray for the provision of physical food—and we pray also that God will, out of all this darkness and suffering, bring a new light to dawn, and feed spiritual hunger as well.


Pray for those (both believer and unbeliever alike) who are living in difficult conditions. Significant portions of Africa are enduring a heat wave (South Sudan, West Africa). A new article points out how 83 of the 100 most polluted cities are in India (CNN). Many of the least-reached frontier peoples are in places most affected by these sorts of situations. One worker’s prayer: “give your children strength today to live in such a physically demanding place.” Also pray for workers who will be willing to sacrifice to bring the Gospel to these challenging environments.


Pray for the tens of thousands of North Koreans who are working abroad, earning money which largely gets sent home to their country. Many live in virtual slavery, and are able to keep only a fraction of their earnings. Most is taken by the agency that sends them to work. Pray that in miraculous ways they will meet Jesus while they are outside North Korea. (RFA)


Pray for the many immigrants and refugees who come to England. Some come because they are believers, persecuted at home. Some arrive spiritually hungry, quick to join churches and ask questions. Some no doubt “fake their conversion” to assist in their asylum claims. Pray for many to become true, earnest disciples of Jesus, and that this will eventually lead to the revitalization of the church throughout England and Europe. (Nation of immigrants, best place to be an immigrant, Chinese, Muslims, African churches).


Pray for the election in India. It will stretch over 44 days (Diplomat). We can expect a logistical impact on many activities. We can also expect an upsurge of political and nationalistic fervor that can lead to sentiments against non-Hindu religions (including Christianity and Islam). Pray for peace, and for the protection of workers during this time.


Pray for the many families who have had members abducted recently in northern Nigeria. By my count, close to 500 people have been taken and are being held for ransom. Kidnap for ransom is a “low-risk, high-reward” sort of crime (BBC). Pray for the safe return of those abducted. Pray for the believers who live in the region, and the climate of fear and violence they endure.


Pray for the women who have been traumatized in Ethiopia and Tigray. A very difficult article on the subject of the widespread epidemic of sexual abuse in the context of the Tigray war was published (NYT). Pray for the church to find ways to minister to those who were wounded as a result of this conflict.