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DIY Sunday Service Kit 18/03/2023 Psalm 116 - Resilient faith in the resilient Lord


Welcome to the second in our series of DIY Sunday Service Kits in the run-up to Easter!

We'll be looking later at the things Psalm 116 can teach us about the resilience the Lord showed in pursuing His Father's will and some priorities the psalmist shows us if we are to prove resilient in walking in God's will for us.

Here's a fore-taste of that ...

Let's pray

Lord and Father, whenever we gather in your presence we come conscious of ways that we have both by your grace overcome temptations and walked with you in the recent past, as well as those times when we have proven less resilient in walking according to your will.

Give us today, we pray, a fresh grasp of our dependence on your mercy and the extent of our Saviour's love for us that motivates us once again to follow our God.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


This week we are praying for Bible translation in Cameroon, the aftermath of Cyclone Freddie in Malawi and Uyghur believers in China ...

Cameroon - the Weh people

Seventy per cent of the Weh people would say they are 'Christian' with 25% being evangelicals, and 30% following tribal religions.

And yet there is still no translation of the New Testament available in the Weh language.

A believer called Eugene had trained a small team of Weh Bible translators. 

Through illness and financial difficulties, Eugene’s team shrank to just him and one other member. But worse was to come.

In 2018, terrible conflict came to the region. Eugene says, ‘Huge numbers of homes were burnt to the ground. Families had to flee to the bush for their lives. Churches couldn’t meet. A Bible translator I knew was attacked and killed. His wife had her arm chopped off. It was a terrible time.’

Eugene and the team had to flee. But still he continued to translate Scripture, despite difficulties. His three children are still traumatised. The team regrouped but faces daily battles against power cuts, sometimes working through the night to make the most of the limited electricity supply.

And one of his translation team recently got sick and died. He never got to see the printed New Testament. In fact, no one will see it printed – unless the funds are raised.

Despite all the obstacles that have been put in Eugene’s path to bringing Scripture to the Weh people, he is so close to his goal. He just needs the funds to print the completed New Testament.

Let's pray

  •  that the funds will be raised to make these New Testaments widely available
  • that the Lord will speak to the hearts of the Weh people in the language of their heart


Thousands of Christians in Malawi have been left homeless and in need of urgent assistance in the wake of Cyclone Freddy, which has also hit Madagascar and Mozambique ... countries that are far less evangelised than Malawi.

In Malawi, the cyclone has displaced close to 160,000 people. Torrential rain, flooding, and mudslides have caused over 320 known deaths. Hospitals are being overwhelmed with the injured and children have been orphaned in this natural disaster.

Those who can are sheltering in the schools and churches that are still standing, or have found refuge in newly set-up camps. People are often currently taking shelter in buildings lke schools which can be housing over 4,000 other survivors. In such desperate circumstances, even basic essentials are hard to come by, and everyone is struggling for food. Clean water is also hard to come by, so an outbreak of cholera is also a constant threat.

Food aid is being sent to Malawi from South Africa ... the need is enormous in this record-breaking storm, and Malawi is often a country that receives the least aid in Africa, due to its landlocked position.

Let's pray

  •  for the adequate supply of basic essentials, food, shelter and clothing to internally displaced people in Malawi
  • for protection from the aggravation of the existing problems by outbreaks of the sorts of diseases that can follow on from natural disasters of this sort

Uyghur believers

The Uyghur people are a Moslem minority people living in North East China and are being detained in huge 're-education camps' by the Chinese state, abused and put to forced labour there. But even there, the Lord has His people.

China Aid has recently confirmed that Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti was released from prison after his 15-year sentence. While other details are unconfirmed, the Uyghur house church pastor is home with his family.

Alimujiang Yimiti, also known as Alim, converted from Islam to Christianity in 1995 and served as a house church pastor to Uyghurs in Kashgar, Xinjiang. His work in Xinjiang painted a target on his back, as the Chinese government began to scrutinize Uyghurs in the area. In 2007, authorities initially accused Alim of using his business to “infiltrate” Christian ideology into Kashgar. 

Alim was criminally detained on Jan. 12, 2008, for “inciting separatism” and “unlawfully providing state secrets to overseas organizations” due to a conversation he had with an American colleague, possibly about his interaction with authorities in 2007. 

Twice before his final sentencing in August 2009, the Court in Kashgar secretly tried Alim. After the first trial, they decided there was not enough evidence to convict him. The prosecution decided to drop his separatism charge and tried him a second time a year later. For both secret trials, Alim’s family was prohibited from attending.

Since Alim’s trial and conviction, the world has come to know about China’s crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, also known as East Turkistan. 

An estimated 1-2 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other ethnic minorities are kept in concentration camps. 

According to witness testimonies in the Uyghur Tribunal in 2021, prisoners were forcefully sterilized, tortured, and “re-educated.”

No other news about Alim or his family is currently available.

    Let's pray

  • For the protection of God's Uyghur people from the persecution that is being heaped up on their ethnic group because it is (generally) Moslem and therefore persecuted by the communist state
  • For justice and peace for the Uyghur people as a whole and an end to their suffering and persecution
Father please hear our prayers for people in pain and undergoing suffering across our troubled world, especially those for whom we pray today. 

We ask especially for those who don't enjoy the spiritual blessings that we enjoy, that your people might have freedom to exercise their faith in you and that those who as yet are strangers to the Good News about Jesus might have the opportunity to hear.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


Let's read the Bible (click the pic below)

Here's a great old hymn celebrating a central Easter truth

Here's the studio cam sermon video

Let's pray

We thank you Lord and Father that you have made us aware of the riches of the blessing we can enjoy in Christ.

We pray for a greater appreciation of the truths that you have revealed to us, and the strength of your love to us as people who need you so very much.

Take our minds in the quiet moments of this week to the Lord Who sang in the Upper Room with disciples, walked out to Gethsemane and persevered to Golgotha, and deepen our understanding and appreciation of the One Who has loved us and given Himself for us.

We ask in His Name and for His Glory.


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Have a great week!

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DIY Sunday Service Kit - 12/03/2023


Welcome to the DIY Sunday Service Kit for March 12th as we start to take our run-up to Easter!

It's been an exciting week with developments and possibilities emerging plentifully ... but we're here for the excitement of considering Christ, understanding Him better and having our hearts drawn out more passionately in HIS worship
 ... so let's listen to this encouraging explanation of our first powerful worship song today, and then get to it!

The Lord's commitment to holding us fast emerges from the first of our pre-Easter Bible expositions this week ... it's Psalm 115.

Here's a foretaste ... click the pic.!

Let's pray

Father God we thank you for the commitment of the Lord Jesus to us, who did not deserve His love and faithfulness to us because we have not always loved and been faithful to you ... quite the reverse.

Please help us to understand a little better today the cost to the Lord Jesus and to you our Heavenly Father of walking the way of the Cross for your people, and stimulate our love and commitment to you in joyful response.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


Today we pray for Tanzania in East Africa, for Ukraine in Europe and for Llandovery!


The evangelical population of Tanzania grew from 2.4 million in 1990 to over 9 million in 2020, in mainline Churches (Lutheran, Anglican), in Pentecostal denominations and in African Initiated Churches. 

New church-planting agencies came about since the 1980s, as did partnerships between nationals and expatriate missionaries. 

Praise God that the commitment to plant new churches and to reach the unevangelized peoples of Tanzania bore good fruit in recent years among both animists (spirit-worshippers) and Muslims!


Widespread and systemic poverty is both a challenge and an opportunity. 

Many areas require development assistance - schools, universities, hospitals, roads, drinking water and agriculture. 

Half of all secondary schools are privately funded. 

Rapid urbanization and endemic corruption intensify the problems. 

Mercy ministry is necessary and a wonderful way to bring transformation to all levels of Tanzanian life. 

Most foreign Christian agencies at work in Tanzania already minister in this capacity; pray for more projects to be started and to be finished effectively.


Tanzania's Christian population, though numerous, needs discipleship. 

More than half of Tanzanians might be "Christian", but church attendance runs around 8%. 

Many see lack of biblical knowledge as the greatest challenge for the Church. 

As immature Christians are discipled, lifestyles and worldviews will change, and this in turn will impact the social, economic and political life of the nation.

Pray that gifted Bible teachers will be sent to this region to establish believers in the lifestyle and the faith taught in the Scriptures.

Children, young people and students

Tanzania's young population makes ministry to youth and children essential. 

Religious education in schools is an open door that requires trained instructors; Christian teachers can and do have a big impact. 

Scripture Union's Aid for AIDS programme educates and encourages young people toward pure lifestyles. 

TAFES(IFES) groups operate on 37 university and college campuses. Many students are being converted, including Muslims.

Pray for workers to be raised up to meet the opportunities and for the spirit of God to empower their work so that young people and a new generation of Bible literate new leaders will be raised up in the faith and service of Christ.

Bible translation

The widespread use of Swahili, the historic trading language that works throughout East Africa, has to some extent hampered the numerous tribes and people groups in Tanzania having the Bible in there own languages.

The launch of the Ikoma New Testament this week (10 March) is the first of five launches in Tanzania in the next five months.

Pray that these New Testaments get ver well-used in homes, in families and in new churches that spring into being.


Church leaders in Ukraine are being singled out for persecution by Russian forces in occupied areas.

Evangelical pastors have been arrested, interrogated, tortured and even expelled from their towns by the Russian military and their supporters.

Occupying forces have confiscated church buildings and Christians have received harsher treatment at Russian military checkpoints.

Let's pray that the Lord will protect His people in occupied Ukraine and give them great strength to continue to walk with Him.


The Urdd Eisteddfod is due to take place in Llandovery from 29th. May - 3rd. June.

This will see THOUSANDS of young people and their families descend on the town for this great festival of the performing arts and we hope by then to have our premises set up in the town.

We are RIGHT NOW trying to organise how we can reach out with the love of the Lord to the people attending the eisteddfod. This is obviously going to take some doing, but we're on it!

Please will you pray we make ourselves useful to the Lord and that we manage to understand and to achieve what He would have us do with this huge opportunity?

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

For Jesus' sake.


Twenty Schemes from Scotland now lead us in a Welsh hymn meditating on the Lord's love for His people ...

Let's read the Bible together ... click the pic below to be taken to Psalm 115

And now we'll unpack that reading in its New Testament, Easter context in the life of the Lord Jesus ...

The video version is here ...

Our final hymn today come to us from Celtic Worship

Let's pray

"Oh to grace how great a debtor, 
daily I'm constrained to be.
Let that grace Lord, like a fetter, 
bind my wandering heart to Thee."

So may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
the love of God the Father 
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, 
be with us all. 

Thanks very much for being with us here online again today.

The developments we've seen in the course of the last week do tend to indicate that we shall soon be in a position to meet together face to face again soon ... for which we are really grateful to God.

When that happens we will see the components in this DIY Sunday Service Kit change a bit, but it's a development that would also give many of us the chance to meet facet to face for worship again. It's been a long haul! Please continue to pray that the Lord will bring us to a point where we'r more useful to Him and one another when we have the opportunity to meet in this way again? Thanks.

If you'd like to continue to worship the Lord by giving, the Stewardship Giving Link lies behind the offering bag below ... just give it a click. Thanks.

God bless you - have a great week thinking over and experiencing His grace!

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DIY Sunday Service Kit 26/02/2023


Whether you are breathing a sigh of relief, or wishing the Book of Esther had more than nine chapters, today is the day we come to the conclusion of the book, which puts the point of it all really rather clearly.

Yes, it's time to say a sad farewell to Esther and start making space for Easter ... after a break next week for some other necessary stuff I need to get done!

But first here's some encouragement to persevere with Esther's last chapter.

Let's pray

Father we thank you that we come to you today as the God Who has a history of redeeming the lost and then providing for and preserving them as His people.

Draw out our hearts today in worship and adoration for your great reversals in the fortunes of your people, and build in us a firmer faith that our God's irrevocably for us.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


Let's pray

This week saw elections in Nigeria (Africa's most populous country of 200 million souls), marked the first anniversary of the most recent Russian invasion of Ukraine and saw a return to terrorist murders in the North of Ireland.


Elections in Nigeria this week saw a late turn-out with voters hoping for better things in days following the time of increasing violence and hardship under the Presidency of Muhammad Buhari, who is stepping down after holding the office for the maximum permitted term of eight years.

The country is struggling with Islamic insurgency in the north-east of the country, an epidemic of kidnaps for ransom, conflict between farmers and herders, shortages of cash, fuel and power (in spite of the fact Nigeria is Africa's top oil-producing country) and deep-rooted corruption and poverty.

The elections have not run to time and are expected to flow over until Sunday (today). Of the three front runners, two are Muslim and one is Christian in this religiously polarised society.

Christian farmers and villagers are repeatedly attacked in Nigeria's Middle Belt region. Tens of thousands have died over the last twenty years of this unrest. Hundreds of thousands of Christian settled farmers have lost everything and are living as refugees.

There are two main forces behind this, Boko Haram (which seeks to violently Islamise society) and Fulani militants  ... nomadic cattle herders following Islam the are intent on driving Christians out of the region ... attacking Christian farming villages at night, killing Christians using machetes and guns.

Lord we pray for the political situation in Nigeria that you will establish for this vast country a Presidency of peace with prosperity.

We ask that you will bring a solution to the violence that is causing such suffering, and particularly where Boko Haram and the Fulani tribesmen are operating.

And we pray that you will protect and empower your people in Nigeria to sever you freely and fear-free, as their Saviour and their coming King.


This week world leaders have been showing their colours on the invasion of Ukraine. At the G20 group meeting of the world's top twenty financial leaders the extent of the unwillingness to criticise Russia openly led to countries like India studiously making no comment on the situation.

This week Russia's President withdrew from the new START nuclear arms reduction treaty and talked up Russia's nuclear arsenal.

China has all weighed in to support Russia this week, as the President of Belarus, Russia's client-state bordering Ukraine, sets out on a state visit to Beijing.

Father we praise you that as international politics brings concern and consternation, it is your hand that directs the course of human politics and history.

Strengthen, we pray, the hearts and hands of the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom.

Inspire, enable and transform the abilities of your faithful servants living and serving you within the country and bless their efforts with the anointing of your Holy Spirit. Give Spirit-led wisdom to those who run radio ministries in Ukraine, those who man the radio stations' telephone help-lines and protect those who have volunteered to serve as chaplains to the army.

May your people in Ukraine know your presence and your power, and may they be encouraged by the prayers and by the generosity of their brothers and sisters around the world.

Northern Ireland

This week saw violence return to Northern Ireland as talks aimed at producing a new Brexit agreement for Northern Ireland were reportedly inching towards a conclusion.

The suspected attackers of Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell are being interviewed by anti-terrorist police at Belfast's Musgrave Police Station, with investigations on-going.

Clearly a return to paramilitary violence in Northern Ireland has fearful implications for the people of the province, and for followers of Christ in their communities.

Lord, we pray as some of us have prayed throughout the time of the Troubles in years gone by, for the peace, security and stability of Northern Ireland. 

We pray for faith and fortitude in Christian life and leadership in the province, and we pray that the people who chose violence where there should be peaceful politics will not prosper.

Father hear our prayers for your broken world today, and in your righteous wrath and your pain at what people do, we ask that you would show mercy.

We pray for Jesus' sake.


Click the Bible below to be taken to this week's Bible reading

Here's the video recording of the sermon

The second verse of our last hymn refers to Memorialising one of God's great deliverances of His Old Covenant people in 1 Samuel 7:7-12

Give that passage a quick look by clicking on the reference above, then let's sing this familiar old hymn in the light of what we read.

May the Lord give us opportunity this week to remember His interventions through the course of our own Christian lives to deliver us from challenges and trials we have faced, and to rejoice at our version of the old story of Jesus and His love!

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And now may God be gracious to us and bless us
    and make his face shine on us—
so that His ways may be known on earth,

His salvation among all nations.

And may the peace of God, which passes all understanding, guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.


Saturday, 18 February 2023

DIY Sunday Service Kit 19/02/2023 - 'Inclusive' - but inclusive of what?


Welcome to our inclusivity-themed DIY Sunday Service Kit! 

I imagine you weren't expecting that topic, in spite of the way that word has been all across our news in the last week, and the likelihood it will be back there again before the end of the month.

So before you jump to conclusions about what we're up to with this one, here's a quick 'foretaste' video of about forty seconds ...

Let's pray

Father we thank you that we enjoy freedom to open your Word and to read it and meditate on it.

Grant us time in peace today to focus on your Word to us and stimulate our minds to benefit from and to rejoice in its truth.

We ask this along with the forgiveness of our sins, in Jesus' Name.


Our Sunday Psalm comes to us today with a little taste of 'Gospel' ...

Let's pray

Revival on American university campuses?

Something unusual has been happening on university colleges in the U.S. which started at Asbury College in Kentucky.

Here's just one report from social media:

This has been going since February 8th. and it's not just happening at Asbury College but has spread to other universities like Samford, Lee, and Cedarville.

It seems that young people are really seeking the Lord fervently, that events are centred on Scripture and that this is not about big personalities but a movement of the Spirit of God.

Let's pray:
  • that the Lord will do a deep and genuine saving and sanctifying work in many students' hearts
  • that He will protect the work that is being done there and all his servants who are active in the work
  • that a genuine work of God will spread across many universities and colleges in the U.S.A.
  • and the the Lord will also meet with students here in the UK in deep and life-changing ways.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022 when attacks by Russian forces were reported in major cities across Ukraine and in the capital, Kyiv.

The first anniversary of this conflict is therefore at the end of next week.

The UK government has said that  Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will lead a one-minute silence at 1100 GMT on Feb. 24 and they are encouraging individuals and organisations across Britain to participate.

  • Let's pray again this week for all the displaced people who have fled the conflict, particularly those who have come to the UK

  • Let's pray for those who are involved in the active military defence of their country, that many of them will put their trust and hope in the Lord as they hear broadcasts from Christian organisations and meet volunteer chaplains moving amongst them to help and encourage them

  • Let's pray for those who have lost loved ones, who have been injured or whose minds have been deeply and disturbingly altered by the effects of the conflict.

  • Let's pray for a just, lasting and speedy end to the conflict and the restoration of peace and safety to the people of Ukraine, Europe and the UK

Lord, in your mercy please intervene in the affairs of mankind to restrain all that is evil, encourage all that is good and bring your world into true peace with justice.

Industrial unrest

Strikes and rumours of settlements of industrial disputes still persist across the UK.

It's a confusing situation, with differences in the situation in the same industry across different devolved administrations within the UK.

Let's pray for those who are working hard but finding they don't earn enough.

Let's pray for those who are striking because they fear for the future of their service or industry, where the conditions of work are not seeing staff recruited or retained in sufficient numbers.

Let's pray for those adversely affected by the strike action ... especially in schools and the health service.

And let's pray for unity in our land as these matters have such potential to cause division.

Lord in your mercy please ensure that our key workers have enough, that our people will be well-served and that we enter again into a time of industrial peace.

We bring you all these prayers and requests giving thanks that you listen when we pray.

And we pray in Jesus' Name.


Click the Bible below to be taken to the reading for today

The video of the sermon recording is here

Let's sing

Now ... 

To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy
to the only God our Saviour 
be glory, majesty, power and authority, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord, 
before all ages, 
now and forevermore! 

Thanks for being with us again here today. 

We have been making steady progress again this week towards being able to meet at a café in Llandovery again, God willing, in the next few months.

There are still things to resolve which could prevent it, and provision of people and material things will be needed to let it happen, but we'd really value your prayers about it all.

If we can help, please contact us in the usual ways.

If you'd like to help support the work of y GRWP by giving, as usual the giving link is below. just click the offering bag and that will get you there.

And let's remember to pray for God's Word and work to be powerful also in our area this week.

just as a little 'extra' for Sunday afternoon, if you have questions about the awakening that is spreading out from Asbury College amongst students in America at the moment, here are two quite intellectual and conservative people really giving us a good idea about what they think God is doing there.

It's called 'Is Revival Happening in Asbury' and it's just under 50 minutes of personal chatting, but I think it's really helpful. 

I hope you think so too.

DIY Sunday Service Kit 18/03/2023 Psalm 116 - Resilient faith in the resilient Lord

  Welcome to the second in our series of DIY Sunday Service Kits in the run-up to Easter! We'll be looking later at the things Psalm 116...