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DIY Sunday Service Kit - Preparing for Christmas & Measuring the narrow and few


Welcome to the DIY Sunday Service Kit for December 4th. 2022 and our new pre-Christmas mini-series, on the theme: 'Prepare'.

Let's wait on the Lord

This week's sermon was produced primarily in an out-and-about video format, but we've posted the sound track from that under the 'Sermon' button below, with the video recording below that. This development is all part of our transitioning to being primarily YouTube based, in response to developments on the rapidly shifting social media scene. 

As usual, the transcript (for those who like to use 'the words' alongside audio or video) is still available on the podcast website which you access through the 'Sermon' button.

But first, here's the Word for the Week:

Let's pray

Lord and loving Heavenly Father we thank you for the grace that you have shown us in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that you have hold the situation we see in our world safely in your hand and under your control.

 Help us to fix our eyes on you and what you tell us about society and not on the things that social scientists tell us about faith. Focus our dependency on you and not on our own slender wits and over-stretched human wisdom, and enable us to walk the way of discipleship with perseverance and joy.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


Let's pray


Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova has long been the traditional passageway between Europe and Asia. The small nation has been conquered by the Romans, Greeks, Huns, Bulgars, Ottomans, Romanians, and Soviets, leading Moldova to be extremely diverse and its citizens able to speak several languages.


Moldova also boasts the world's richest and most fertile soil, which supports vast wheat fields, vineyards, and orchards. The irony is that even though Moldova has so many natural and human resources, it is the poorest nation in Europe; 72% of its people live below the poverty line, 60-80% of its adult population is unemployed, and thousands of people leave annually seeking work throughout Europe, leaving children to be raised in single family homes or with their elderly grandparents.

Though a mere 3% of the population are evangelical Christians, they are zealous, dynamic and eagerly sharing their faith. Bible colleges are training leaders, churches are instituting youth programs and church planters are resolute in their goal to establish healthy churches in the 800 villages that currently have no gospel witness.

A Moldovan believer leads us in prayer for his country in this three-minute video:


As we pray for the world and as we consider the theme 'Prepare' (with Christmas in mind) during the sermon today, we pray for the people of this land of Wales who also have preparation for Christmas on their minds.

We pray 
  • for households that are struggling financially to 'have a good Christmas'
  • for those struggling with how to meet the expectations that they feel are upon them
  • for those who are in fractured families, for whom relational deprivation will be intensified at this time of year
We pray
  • for those who will be working through this Christmas, especially those who feel underpaid and undervalued for their work
  • for those who are facing a Christmas with even less more to go around this year because the circumstances they are not satisfied with are being worsened by the impact of their industry's strike action at this point in the
  • for those in key worker jobs who are dependent on charitable help of one sorted another to feed the family and make ends meet over the holiday period
  • and for all those who fear that their circumstances are worsened and not helped by the pressures of the Christmas period

For the Welsh Church

  • And we pray for those whose are hearts are heavy, whose lives seem burdened and whose joy in the prospect of knowing the God of Christmas personally at this special time of year has completely departed.
  • We are conscious Lord that it is more than a hundred years since you last moved powerfully through this land pouring out your Holy Spirit on us, its people, and we are very conscious indeed of our great need that you would do so again, addressing the circumstances that have come to blight the situations of so many of us.
  • Would you Lord move again powerfully through this land of Wales.
  • Would you satisfy us with your goodness and your love.
  • Would you turn the hearts of many in this land, in our workforce, in our professions, in our government, to see and to follow in the ways of the Son of God Who came to this earth at Christmas, was crucified to pay the price of our sin, removing our alienation from the Father, and Who was raised to life again for our justification?
  • Would you, Lord, at this time when we celebrate the Lord's birth, restore our fellowship with you, heal the hearts of our people and rule again in our land?

We ask for Jesus's sake and Glory.


Click here for the Bible passage for today ...

Let's sing again as we prepare to hear God's Word

Here's the sermon video out and about ...

Here's a new song to finish but it's a great one for the pre-Christmas period

Now let's conclude in prayer

Lord enable us throughout the course of this week to ready our hearts for your coming.

Strengthen and empower us to turn afresh to you.

Engage us with your written Word, draw us again into your presence and keep us walking in the way that leads on to our Heavenly home.

Make us again people who live our lives conscious of your presence, making us people of your Way, your presence and your power.

We ask for Jesus' sake.


Thanks for using the DIY Sunday Service Kit again this week.

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God bless you ... have a great week!

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