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DIY Sunday Service Kit - Easter 2022

Hi guys,

The website that hosts our regular DIY Sunday Service Sheet has failed ... on Easter Saturday night!

I am therefore posting the components here. I'm sorry. I will take this up with the company when I get back from a week's break in the week after Easter. Naturally enough, they are away for the week too!

Let's not let it spoil our Easter worship though. We've had a number of problems with the provider of this service recently, but we can have a think about whether we can find a better solution over the Easter break.

God bless you all this Easter.

Stay in touch!


Here's the Easter worship Spotify playlist to get us in the right frame of mind for worship

And now here's the Easter Word for the Week video from the farm:

'Who's paying for THAT?!'

Please feel free to copy the link below and share this on your social media or by email with friends and family if you think they might watch it.

Praise and prayer points:

Wales to Ukraine

Last week we calculated that the cash value of medical supplies for treating traumatic injury sent from y GRWP to places that are under fire in Ukraine came to £7,301.26. And that's neither a maths error nor a misprint!

Caleb did a great job of getting gifts and amazing discounts out of manufacturers and suppliers of these specialist goods ... he even got a LOAD of packing gauze for treating catastrophic haemorrhage at junctional sites in the body when those can't be had through the usual channels at all at the moment due to the demand in Ukraine.

Here's one of his little videos where he gets enthusiastic about just one piece of the kit we sent in the last consignment ...

You'll find a few of his little videos about this work here.

It really feels as if the good hand of God has been upon this.

We have really very good communications with trauma medics in Ukraine who are using these supplies in war torn places and they have sent messages back to us really appreciating the sort of stuff we are sending and asking specifically for help next month when they say they don't know how they are going to cope with the onslaught and demand for trauma medicine they are expecting in the south and east, following the developments there of the last week.

Please give thanks we've been s greatly and surprisingly helped by God so far with this and pray for the successful and (above all) useful scaling up we are attempting for next month's consignment, with fresh helpers associated with y GRWP coming in to take on specific tasks to raise funds around Wales and administer the project, leaving Caleb to finish his degree and concentrate on sourcing materials which is what he seems remarkably good at.

Please also pray that our contacts with individuals associated with this will bear spiritual fruit, and that we'll be able to build fellowship with believers involved in search and rescue out there for their encouragement and our prayers.

Premises in Llandovery

It feels like we've been searching for premises in Llandovery for a long while, with a lot of false starts and blind alleys to navigate. This week's failure of the online set up for Sundays only highlights the need to get sorted!

As it happens, last week I 'happened' to meet some people with a really useful empty cafĂ© they could usefully let us have ... it won't be a quick job which is just as well, but whilst we need to manage our expectations we do need to let loose our prayers. And that's why I mention it. Let's (PLEASE) keep praying that the Lord supplies our practical and personnel needs to have a place to be meeting again as soo as possible in Llandovery and reaching the people we were able to read from Ty'r Bugail in Market Square?

Heavy duty in Carmarthen

The Chaplaincy outreach in Carmarthen is taking place against the background of much lower attendance at the market at the moment, but much higher demand for help from people in trouble.

And with it there's a much greater spiritual openness.

We gave a number of Christian books away there from our stand next to the toilets in the run up to Easter. Please pray God speaks through all this to opened ears and hearts?

Fruitfulness and protection

There are people turning up in the livestock marts now with active COVID. Precautions seem to have been largely abandoned in response to the tome and tendency of Government messaging.

I've been almost the only person using a mask in two marts this week. Please pray for protection and fruitfulness, as well as care and attention to self-preserving detail in the way we watch out while we're out there serving in these marts? The team is Alex, Clive and Simon, and all of us could do without catching 'it' ... again.

This is the link to the Bible passage for today

Here is the sermon podcast

And here is the Studiocam video recording from the podcast studio: 'Hope for the Future - anchored beyond our Era of Anxiety … Hebrews 6:19'

If the link above doesn't work please click here

And now ...

"May the God of hope 
fill you with all joy and peace 
as you trust in him, 
so that you may overflow with hope 
by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Romans 15:13

If you would like to support the work of y GRWP please click the pic below

If you would like to help the Ukraine project please click for the (different) link for that on the pic below

Thanks for persevering through the 'special measures' put in place to cope with the IT failure this week
Please feel free to stay in touch on 07748 644958 or
Pasg hapus i bawb
Happy Easter to you all!

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